Our Search Committee

The faithful members of Long Hollow’s Pastor Search Committee met 33 times over 7 months, and spent countless hours in prayer, in text and email discussions, and in watching 100s of sermons online. A total of 107 names were submitted for consideration, and every name was carefully and prayerfully considered.

The Committee is as thankful for the journey as for the destination, as each member grew closer to the Lord and to each other. The Committee is greatly appreciative of the trust demonstrated by giving them such an enormous assignment. God was faithful, and because of His leadership, the Committee unanimously and wholeheartedly recommends Robby Gallaty to be our next pastor.

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and incomprehensible things you do not know. (Jeremiah 33:3)

Chris Carroll

It has been an honor and a privilege getting to know Dr. Robby Gallaty. From the first time we met with he and his wife Kandi, it was obvious that God is doing a mighty work through them. You will not find a more passionate and committed disciple maker, pastor, learner, and proclaimer of the Gospel than Robby. I believe, as Pastor David did, that “the best is yet to come for Long Hollow.” We feel strongly that Robby is the man that God has chosen to lead us into an amazing future.

Joe Gaskins

We, the Pastor Search Committee, are so thankful for the corporate prayer and support from the Long Hollow family and friends during this process! Throughout the search, we have all been seeking God’s man to lead Long Hollow. Once we engaged with Robby and through continuous prayer, the Search Committee felt that Robby was God’s man to lead Long Hollow. His depth of scripture, communication skills, love for the flock, and strong leadership skills are contagious. As our beloved Pastor David would say, “Long Hollow’s best days are ahead. Get fired up!”

Jamie Hamilton

Robby is not ashamed of the Gospel. He is passionate about the Word, and preaches it clearly. He has a gift of discipleship, and a love and compassion for the lost. We are blessed to have him, and excited to see what great things the Lord has in store as he leads Long Hollow.

Kim Hayes

Robby is a dynamic communicator of God’s word, standing strong on biblical principles while bringing historical and linguistic references to the text that make his lessons teachable and understandable. As we met with Robby and Kandi and saw their hearts on discipleship, their love and concern over the local church, their togetherness in their commitment to ministry, and their adoration for their family, I was affirmed in knowing Robby was the one to call to Long Hollow.

Baron Lowe

I am excited about the plans that God has for Long Hollow’s future, and look forward to Robby Gallaty serving as our pastor. Robby is a man who stays in the Word seeking God’s truth, and who surrounds himself with faithful mentors. His passion for discipleship and evangelism, along with his ability to preach God’s Word, captured my attention. With much prayer, I recommend Robby Gallaty to shepherd Long Hollow.

Mike Price

Long Hollow is a very unique and special church where the activity of God is undeniable. Through prayer, study, and time spent with Robby, I am confident that God has led Long Hollow to a unique and special Pastor. Robby’s heart for discipleship, combined with Long Hollow’s DNA of evangelism, will create a chemistry that could only be orchestrated by God. He is a pastor who, out of the overflow of his time spent with the Lord, preaches a powerful and dynamic message that is Spirit-filled and straight from God’s Word. While his biceps may be large, his heart and love for both people and community is larger. He will be like family to us all. I am eager for the people of Long Hollow to get to know Robby and Kandi so that we, united, can carry on to fulfill what David told Jennifer after his diagnosis: “The best days of Long Hollow are yet to come.”

Austin Shaver

In God’s Word, I see three broad requirements that God demands of His pastors: That he is able to preach the Word, that he shepherds the flock well, and that his life and conduct bring glory to God and demonstrate the presence of the Holy Spirit in his life. I have seen these traits demonstrated time and again in Robby’s life and ministry. He is a preacher who unashamedly and skillfully heralds the Word of God each week in grace and truth. He is a pastor who loves his congregation with tender care for their lives and their souls, and he continually endeavors to deepen their walk with Christ. He is a husband and father who loves and delights in his family, and who lives a life worthy of the Gospel of Christ. Beyond that, I can think of no higher recommendation than this: I am overjoyed that Robby would be my family’s pastor for many, many years to come.

Greg Smith

I never felt that our committee was asked to find someone to replace David (as he could not be replaced), but rather to find someone who could build on the strong foundation that he laid as Senior Pastor. Robby Gallaty is someone who is a strong servant leader who is passionate about furthering Kingdom work by encouraging and equipping men and women to become strong disciples. He has prepared himself to lead by becoming a strong student of God’s Word, and he has proven to be capable of enthusiastically sharing what God has taught him about becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ. His zeal for what God can continue to do through us is contagious, and I believe God has blessed us greatly by bringing him here. I, for one, look forward to following his leadership as Long Hollow continues to fulfill the mission we have been assigned.

Lance Taylor

I couldn’t be more excited for our church family, for our staff family, and for my own family, that God led us to recommend Robby Gallaty as Long Hollow’s next pastor. He and Kandi come with a God-given newness — new vision, new passions, new approaches, all for a new day. And I couldn’t be more thankful for God’s faithfulness in leading the committee to them.

Nancy Thompson

With God’s word as our source of truth, and through constant immersion prayer, our Pastor Search Committee looked for specific traits that were non-negotiable: A man of God steeped in the Word with a vibrant relationship with the Lord. A man with a zeal for evangelism and a heart for discipleship. A man confident enough in his God, to stand strong and boldly declare the truth, while demonstrating the love and compassion of Christ. A man faithful as a husband and diligent as a father.A man with unwavering convictions, ready to meet challenges by first seeking his God, and then the counsel of wise godly men.A man able to teach the flock with excellence, while remaining God’s humble and teachable servant. A man with a contagious enthusiasm to grow forward. One who is not intimidated by change… but rather a catalyst by which change can take place when needed. Dr. Robby Gallaty is that man.

Listening to sermons both online and in-person, meeting with Robby and Kandi, and hearing of their on-going story of redemption and passion for Christ, confirmed to me that he is indeed God’s intended next Senior Pastor at Long Hollow.

Chris Turbeville

Robby is an unbelievably passionate man of God. His leadership, humility, maturity, love, and wisdom is evident from the first time you meet him, and continues to show itself the more you are around him. He loves the church and strives to make more and better disciples every day by teaching and preaching the Word. His passion is “to make disciples who make disciples.” Robby exceeds the high expectation that God’s Word requires for a pastor, and I could not be more excited for the future of Long Hollow.

Rod West

Serving on the Pastor Search Committee has been an awesome. As a committee member, I was impressed by the number of extremely strong and godly men we encountered. Robby Gallaty stood out as the right man for Long Hollow. His passion for the sharing God’s word, his desire to see lives change, his love of the local church, and his commitment to his calling as a pastor are difference makers. I was more deeply touched by his compassion for the lost, transparency, character, and godly wisdom. I’m excited to experience what God has in store for Long Hollow with Robby Gallaty as our Senior Pastor.