Trusted Leaders Across the Nation

Mark Dever
Senior Pastor, The Capital Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC

Robby Gallaty is a man of transparent enthusiasm, love for God (and His Word), and love for people. He knows the Word and teaches it well. He loves evangelism and discipleship. I respect him, trust him, love him, and enjoy him. I pray that God keep him humble and use him every day of his life.

Kevin Ezell
President of the North American Mission Board, Interim Pastor of Long Hollow

I’ve known Robby for some time… He is one of the up and coming young Pastors and leaders in North America. His passion for Christ and his pursuit of excellence in every area of ministry will be a great compliment to the foundation that has been laid at Long Hollow.

With Long Hollow’s background of evangelism, and Robby’s heart for discipleship, it makes for a perfect blend. If I could’ve picked out one pastor across the Southern Baptist Convention, one pastor to follow David, and one pastor to fit perfectly here at Long Hollow, it would’ve been Robby Gallaty.

Dr. Ronnie Floyd
President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and Senior Pastor of Cross Church

Dr. Robby Gallaty is one of America’s outstanding Bible teachers and preachers. With an insatiable desire to make disciples, his commitment continues to excel in reaching the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. What God has done through him in Chattanooga will grow exponentially through serving as Lead Pastor of Long Hollow. I believe in Robby Gallaty and his future ministry of leading you to reach Metropolitan Nashville, America, and the World for Jesus Christ. Great choice!

Eric Geiger
Vice President of LifeWay

I rejoiced when I heard that Robby Gallaty would be the Candidate for Pastor at Long Hollow. I did this for several reasons… (1) Robby helps me love Jesus more, so I am excited he will be in the Nashville area. Every time we are together, I walk away encouraged by his love for the Lord, passion for people, and commitment to the Word. (2) Middle Tennessee and the world will be impacted. Robby is a disciple-maker. He is on the planet to make disciples who make disciples. This makes me excited for the communities in Middle Tennessee. I am eager to see how the Lord will use Robby at Long Hollow.

Derwin L. Gray
Lead Pastor of Transformation Church

Dr. Robby Gallaty is a biblical scholar, exceptional preacher, and an authority in the area of discipleship. Most importantly, he’s a man of Gospel-integrity. His integrity was shaped by encountering the grace of God when he was in a deep, dark place. It was in his darkness that Jesus, the Light of the World, displayed His grace to him. Robby has never gotten over that grace. Now, I must warn you: Robby loves lost people of all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds; get ready for thousands of broken, spiritually lost people to fill your church. I believe in Robby.

Johnny Hunt
Pastor of First Baptist Church in Woodstock, GA

I know of no better maker of disciples than Dr. Robby Gallaty. His love for Jesus, commitment to biblical exposition, and love for the local church is so refreshing. I wish I had a man like Robby as my pastor.

Clayton King
Author, Teaching Pastor of NewSpring Church

I’m really excited to know that you are considering Robby Gallaty. Robby and I have been friends for a couple of years. We met at a pastor’s conference and I was immediately drawn to him as a brother and as a friend. I was also impressed with his heart for the Gospel and the lost. But I think more than anything, I am impressed with his heart to take people beyond just a decision for Christ and help them become a disciple of Christ.

Russell D. Moore, Ph.D.
President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the SBC

Robby Gallaty is one of the most dynamic preachers and leaders in the Christian world today. He’s a man of biblical conviction, gospel grit, and evangelistic zeal. There is no one alive who has done more to fuel the church for the neglected call to disciple-making. When I heard Long Hollow would consider Robby Gallaty, I thanked the Lord. This ministry will be epically important for the witness of Christ in this age.

David Platt
Author, and President of the International Mission Board

From the moment I first met Robby Gallaty, to the day I had the honor of baptizing him, to the countless hours we have spent together in prayer and the Word, to the pure joy of watching Robby love and lead God’s people as their pastor, one conclusion has been clear: God’s grace is all over this brother, and God’s gospel is spreading through him. Needless to say, I am thrilled by the possibility of Robby leading a great church like Long Hollow for God’s great glory across Tennessee and among the nations.